This time, I brought my heart back with me from San Francisco.

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OBSESSED wit the Stars and Stripes lately.

New Home-o

With just a few seconds your rundown parking lot next to your building can become just fabulous! (Well, if you have Photoshop that is...)



What is better than a hipster tranny?

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The Gays Guide to iPhone Apps

Read my article for TechCoquette here.

Yay for freelance work.

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Kate wearing Marc Jacobs for US Vogue.

Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare

Last night I dreamt that I was watching a movie with my sister, some friends, a former high school administrator of mine and you know, John McCain and his wife, Cindy. Although I'm fully aware that Cindy McCain, along with their daughter, Meghan are supporters of the Gay Rights as they both posed for the NOH8 Campaign.

In the dream, unprompted, John McCain started to give his views on several political subjects -- one of them clearly being Gay Marriage to which I exploded calling him a "Motherf*cker" and every other name in the book. John peaced out of the dream shortly after that and Cindy told me that I had changed her life. So that was pretty awesome.

The NOH8 campaign is one of the most awesome things to ever come out of California and I invite you all to check out all the celebs and other people who realize the overturn of Prop 8 (and all the other illegal marriage discrimination amendments) is wrong.

Here are some of my favorites below:

Photos from the NoH8 Campaign.

Daily Kate

A new thing I'm going to try and do (nearly) every day will be posting a picture of the love of my life. I have accumilated hundreds of photos of my favorite model so I'll be sharing one with you guys every day.

Ch-ch-check it out.

My first paid freelance article was published today on TechCoquette! Check it out:

Wall Post are the New Mixtapes

Chicago, Chicago!

There really isn't any city like Chicago. It's something that can be said of almost any big city, but Chicago is a perfect city for right now. A nearly booming economy, after living here only two weeks, I've gotten several interviews and already landed a public relations internship with the Lakeshore Theater, a comedy club, that this weekend has Sandra Bernhard doing four shows. I can't wait for the unique experience of living and working in a city full of so much laughter!

My blog has been on hiatus for a while now, and I feel like I've putting my writing on the back shelf. Well no more of that. I'm in a city full of creativity and beauty that I'm constantly being inspired by and I can't continue to live without this outlet. I will be starting my GenderF-ck blog up again as well. (Sandra Bernhard will make a unique entry to that blog, I dare say.)

Hopefully all my adoring fans will come running back to me with open arms. Well let's just wait and see.

God Save McQueen

Today the world lost one of its greatest artist. Alexander McQueen was an international sensation. A designer whose creativity and perception of beauty was unmatched. His Spring 2010 collection received rave reviews and changed the way we will all think about fashion forever. I feel blessed that such a man could even have an inspiration on me. We were lucky to know your work, Alexander, though I wish we had gotten to see what more you had to offer.

McQueen, you will be missed.

You can be my baby...

Just an inspiration post.